Delvano ST

Tank (in L)

ST20: 3300L (optie 5000L)
ST27: 6000L (optie 7000L)

Spoeltank (in L)

ST20: 500L
ST27: 700L


ST20: Deutz TCD 6.1 L6 160kW
ST27: Deutz TCD 6.1 L6 180kW

Spuitboom (in m)

ST20: 27m => 48m
ST27: 33m => 57m


ST20: AR250
ST27: AR250


ST20: Vast 1,5m – 2,25m
ST27: Vast 1,8m – 2,25m


ST20: Power Panel 15" kleuren touchscreen met joystick
ST27: Power Panel 15" kleuren touchscreen met joystick

The Delvano ST is the self-propelled fixed track sprayer, which can be built completely according to the customer’s wishes. The compact version is the ST20, if there is a need for more tank volume and/or wider spray booms then the ST27 is the larger version. The many options ensure that this self-propelled sprayer can be used for all kinds of applications.


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