Delvano celebrates anniversary with Special Edition

24 Jun, 2022

55 years of experience with self-propelled sprayers deserves special attention. The Belgian family company Delvano, renowned manufacturer of machines for crop protection in agriculture, horticulture and fruit plantations, celebrates their 55th anniversary with a Special Edition of the new ST20 self-propelled sprayer.

Delvano can look back on a rich history. The Belgian manufacturer exists since 1966 and was one of the first with a self-propelled sprayer. The SafeTrac, which started it all, was based on a converted Fordson tractor and equipped with a wooden tank, a 20-metre wide spray boom and a closed cabin. Delvano honours the SafeTrac with a Special Edition of the ST20, where the ST designation refers to the mythical SafeTrac.

“Delvano is a well-known name in Belgium, but also far beyond,” says Joachim Vanlerberghe, current Managing Director. “My grandfather developed the first self-propelled sprayer and thus laid the foundation for our company today. The SafeTrac left its mark on crop protection in Belgium in the 60s and 70s and deserves to be celebrated today. With our ST series, the myth lives on. That is why we are releasing this Special Edition today!”

The Delvano ST20 Special Edition is based on the standard ST20, but was given a black paint job for the occasion. The self-propelled sprayer has a 5000 litre tank and a 33m wide boom with AirTec air support and 1.5m sections. In addition, the machine is equipped with air horns, a curved LED bar at the front of the cab and extra top lights. The rims were given a yellow detail. As a special treat, the ST20 Special Edition was also given special stickers with the mention of the 55th anniversary.

Five machines of the Delvano ST20 Special Edition will be produced, the first of which has already been sold.